I’m Nicole or Niki // my friends call me Niki

I am 30 years old (I’ve never said that out loud before- HA!), I’m a Submariner’s wife, a toddlers Momma and we are currently living in South Carolina. I’m a sucker for cheap wine and deep, meaningful conversations. A fresh manicure & eyebrow wax make me really feel like I have it all together; can I get an amen?! I love breakfast dates and a cup of coffee.

I have a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. I crave adventure; losing myself and reemerging with new visions and passion. I suppose I was destined to be a military wife 😛 always an adventure over here….

I started this blog as a soft place for me to land. A place where I can document the BIG things and the little moments I want to always remember. I’ll share my raw and unfiltered life, what serves me, my decorative style and what inspires me.

I hope you feel empowered and encouraged by some of the things shared here. ❤