My husband doesn’t watch our son….

Let me explain. My husband is not a babysitter, my husband is a parent. He parents our son. Meaning, he’s playing a very active role in raising our child and tending to his needs. When making plans I don’t have to ask him if he will babysit for me to run to the nail salon. Of course it’s common decency to make sure he/we don’t have any prior obligations but I don’t feel guilty asking him to hang with Landon while I get some “me” time.

People are always shocked when I say that he got up with Landon as a newborn to feed him, he helps me prep meals and clean up the kitchen. We also switch off each night who does bath time. We do bedtime together and read him a book. On weekends, my husband lets me sleep in and sometimes, I’m lucky enough to wake up to breakfast waiting for me. He also picks up my slack when it comes to putting laundry away, because I’m the absolute worst at that! Sorry, babe.

Someone told me once a while back “you’re so lucky that your husband will watch Landon for you”. I didn’t know how to respond aside from “he doesn’t watch him. He’s his father and that’s what he should be doing, spending time with him”. Both of us give each other the time that we need to just BE. He knows when I need a solo coffee date and I know when he needs to sleep in (so I scoop up Landon and we head out for the morning). He’s there for the meltdowns, he’s there for walks and playing soccer in the front yard. He teaches and praises. He’s present, he is a parent with me.

In our home, we are a team. My husband sets an example of what it is to be a husband and a father. He knows when it’s time to order take out & when I need a nap. Thank you for parenting with me ♥️ Sometimes it’s chaotic but we are in it together.


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