Farmhouse on a budget

Before the movers came to pack up our Maine house, & shortly after my 30th birthday, I did what any grown adult does. I went to Ikea to wonder aimlessly and imagine what our forever home will look like. All while sipping Starbs and soaking up that delicious Cinnamon Roll smell (my Ikea fanatics you know what I mean!) A much needed girls day in Boston.

I know I know, when thinking of all the best places to find farmhouse decor and treasures; Ikea isn’t your typical spot. However, I found some great pieces to incorporate in to our new base house! A huge plus, it’s affordable too!

From hand towels, to greenery to wall hangings; I found several things I couldn’t live with out. Although my husband didn’t agree, I think he secretly loves it now!

Here are some of my favorites!

Sockerart Vase: At $19.99 it’s an elegant way to store your kitchen utensils!

Elly & Vardagen hand towels: At $3.99 for a pack of four (Elly) and $3.99 ea (Vardagen) these have become my FAVE kitchen towels. Decor and for use…. I can’t get enough! I recommend grabbing 2-3 packs on your next visit.

Socker watering can: I have mine on top of our cabinets with either faux flowers or Cotten stems! I love the galvanized metal look and this just fits! Only $5.99, too!

Fintorp Rod: Ok, this is easily one of my favorite pieces! And, $8.99! I grabbed a pack of hooks and hung some decor pieces from them. A perfect way to finish off our dining room (along with my ever growing Pyrex collection) All hanging pieces were also Ikea finds! That colander…. LOVE!

Plants: I typically stick with neutrals when I’m decorating but who doesn’t love a pop of color every now and then?! Greens, greens and MORE GREENS!!! It’s the best place to buy faux plants! Ranging in price. Grab several on your next visit! It’s worth it! Buckets and rod are from there, too.

Sandared Pouffe: Ohhh this Pouffe. We’re using an old trunk in our living room now as a “coffee table”, and I really love it! But, my toddler also loves to use it as his stage. The new Ikea catalog came and I found these beauties! Add to cart (x2)

and quickly check out….

Ektorp Sofa: Ok, lets be real. I have a toddler and two dogs. Oh, and a husband. How is it possible to have this perfect white couch?! I NEED to know. It’s so cozy!

Rast dresser: This adorable piece is only $39.99 and unfinished. If you’re the creative type, you can easily turn this in to a statement piece in your home! We’re grabbing two for our bedroom. A little stain, legs and knobs & voila!!! Elegant bedside tables. (I’ll post a hack on these once ours are finished!)

Any excuse to go, I’m taking it. Need new scrub brushes? Go to Ikea. Picture frames? You get the idea. It’s THE place to be! If Farmhouse inspired decor is your thing, I hope you found some things you love here. Where’s your favorite place to go for all things home decor?!


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