I saw God today

I’m ashamed to say it but, it has been several years since I’ve gone to church to worship. Landon and I say our prayers together and we frequently read his bible stories; I just love how much he LOVES to read. I’ve felt like something has been missing so I reached out on Facebook for some suggestions of Churches in our area and we found one!!

Landon and I went together last weekend, unfortunately Nathan couldn’t make it. I’ve never been one to force religion on another person. I believe that each person has their right to find God on their own, or not. That’s a choice that someone should make on their own. With that being said, I didn’t have high hopes for Nathan joining us. I won’t share details of his experience but, his faith was challenged years ago and I knew his stance on it.

I was shocked when he looked at me and said “I told Landon I want to go with you guys next weekend”. I didn’t know how to respond. This man who felt so strongly was letting his walls down to do something for US. For our marriage, for our family. He said “it’s something we can do together”. That gesture touched my heart in such a profound way!

Today, we went. All of us together to pray and open up our hearts to God as a family. Landon did wonderfully in the kids center! He was nice and didn’t pinch anyone, huge plus haha! The message today was so powerful and I was so thankful to have my husband there with me to share it with. He grabbed my hand and I could just tell he was happy to be there, too.

He chose the perfect time to join us, too. We’ve started a new sermon all about how to love our families the way God does and how to understand the fundamentals of men and women. I am so excited to share this experience with my two guys.

•We tried for a few photos, this is the best we got. It was lunch time, nap time & well, he’s a toddler. So…. •


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