First Fiesta

Because I’m feeling super nostalgic, I wanted to share Landon’s first birthday! I love Facebook memories, don’t you? Sometimes, though, they hit me straight in the heart. Lately, mine have been flooded with pictures of Landon from last year. I ask Nathan, “who is this baby?!” 😰 It always hits me how quickly time is fleeting us.

He’s so big and independent now! He brushes his own teeth, I find him reading so reverently in his room (I usually think he’s doing something he shouldn’t be and then find that!), he lathers himself up in the bath….. I feel guilty saying this, but I miss my newborn. The baby who needed me for everything. He’s 18 months now and his first birthday seems like it was ages ago.

*I need a time machine, to go back to these skin to skin moments with my peaceful, brand new babe*

Before we knew it, Landon was ONE!!! We had a small celebration at home (because it was January in New England, gross) with some of our friends. I love how everything turned out! A fellow Navy wife and friend made his adorable & delicious cake, my sweet friend Lauren made his cookies and everyone LOVED those! And, one of my besties did all the shopping with me and talked me down from spending a ridiculous amount at Party City 😛

No time to siesta, it’s Landon’s first fiesta!

Decorations were mainly Amazon and Etsy!

Nathan and I decided, moving forward, we will give him experiences instead of parties & gifts on his birthday. On his special day we will go pick out a new book and then take him somewhere fun to celebrate. Memories are far more valuable than material things and I want him to always cherish our family time together. I plan to put photo books together to document all the fun he had each year on his birthday and give it to him down the road!

Landon, you are our greatest adventure.


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