The good stuff

This past week was a roller coaster, to say the least! It was like I couldn’t get my head above water. Anytime I was finally getting ahead; something else happened and I was back at square one.

Landon gave me a run for my money and by the time Nathan came home, I was ready to throw in the towel. I feel so guilty when I’m irritable and frustrated, but it happens and it probably happens more often than it should.

I shared these pictures on my Instagram (@ourbasehouse) and I typed up a long caption to paint a crystal clear picture of the crappy week I had…… but then, after reading the caption, I deleted the post entirely.

I mean, how precious are these?! And our wild dogs that are always close behind him. The Three Musketeers. I deleted them because I realized; I focus SO HEAVY on the bad parts of the day. When Landon fights me at nap time, when I see dog hair all over the floor after vacuuming and mopping the day prior, I filled up a fresh diffuser and Landon threw it off the table….. those are the things that stick with me. Why?! It’s so unfair because so many wonderful things happen, too!

When the house is finally picked up, ok semi picked up because well; one toddler and two dogs 😝. I sit here looking around and remember when my baby boy came to me out of nowhere and wrapped those little tiny arms around my neck! Or when he leans over on the couch and says “mmmm-maw!” and wants a kiss, those are the moments that need to stick with me during the day.

I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m going to focus on the good stuff, and let the little stuff roll off my shoulders. I’m going to let my toddler be a toddler and we will navigate this season of life together. He’s not little forever and it breaks this momma’s heart ❤


One thought on “The good stuff

  1. Being a mom is so difficult at times. The hard times or difficult times are what we dwell on because we get upset with ourselves on how we reacted. You are an incredible mom
    It’s not easy, but they are not little forever. Pick your battles and laugh it up. Love the craziness, it passes way too quickly.

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