Living interrupted

It’s an interesting way to live. Knowing that each person you meet, each place you’re calling home and each new relationship made is on a timer. New orders will eventually rear it’s ugly head and you, or the people you’ve grown to love and survive with, will be leaving.

Hi! I’m a submariners wife; posting on a military spouse page in a new duty station asking for you to be my friend. I’ll show up to most functions alone because, he’s always gone. It’s fine, I’m fine. Don’t worry, I’ll always bring wine and my inappropriate sarcastic humor. I’ll stay at a BBQ until 3am with people I’ve never met before that night, pouring my heart out and sharing stories. We can exchange numbers & you can call me whenever an underway is just too long, or you need to pack for a trip and want some company, or tell me you need help cleaning before your man comes home from deployment. Dare I mention the mouse removal?! 😛 I’m on my way…. with wine or Ben & Jerry’s. ❤

The truth is, we don’t have much time to get to know each other. We don’t have 20+ years together (and counting) like I had with my childhood best friend. This life gives us 3-5 years and then we keep in touch via rants on Snapchat and the occasional text message confessing how much we love and miss each other. In those few short years, the bond made is as undeniably strong as those submarines/surface ships that take our sailors away.

Words will never truly express how grateful I am for these relationships. For the opportunity to break down walls and let new people in time and time again. We’ve watched boats pull away together and each of us held it together until we were alone….. we cried hand in hand on the pier anxiously watching the boat pull back in. We’ve made countless Target runs together (to stress buy things we don’t need, because- deployment sucks), celebrated holidays together, we order unlimited chicken tenders while sharing all the gory details of our lives, and even a trip to the ER so you weren’t alone. We’re family, we’re a tribe and we’re strong together.

I saw something recently in a group I’m in and it said “they too shall PCS” (meaning those bad ass people will soon be packing up and leaving). A harsh reality. Our lives are eventually interrupted & the cycle starts over. Lately, I’ve found myself missing home. I miss Phoenix, of course. But I also miss everywhere else. My heart is in so many different places that I’m not sure I’ll ever be completely “HOME” again. I’ll pay that price over and over again for the richness of loving and knowing people at each duty station.

To my girls; I love you all. May our paths cross again. Cheers.


3 thoughts on “Living interrupted

  1. You will never be “alone” as you put it. You have a beautiful personality and you make friends easily. Your love for people and adventure will always thi,g you “home”. May God continue to watch over you all and bless you richly.🌹

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