A clean slate

Anytime anything monumental happens in my life, I’ve always had re do my space. Even as a young teen, I constantly rearranged my bedroom and picked out new pieces to change the energy in my tiny little space. It became a joke…. break up? I was moving furniture. Promotion at work? I was buying new bedding. 😂 it’s kind of my thing. I like having a clean slate to start fresh in!

My family moves often and I LOVE when the creative juices start flowing and I have 1500 sq. feet of new potential to get my hands on!

I’ve found inspiration in so many places lately! Some of my favorite pieces and ideas I’ve found on Instagram and of course- I often fall down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest. Like every other girl in the world, right? Ha!

Roaming the At Home store with a friend yesterday, we were joking about decorating with family photos. Am I one of the few people who doesn’t like decorating our home with pictures of friends and family? I mean, I see “us” every day— why do I need photos everywhere? :-p to each their own!

I tend to gravitate towards neutrals. Tans, cream, white and I pull colors from plants and greenery around the house. Fake plants are life…. I keep my child alive and I cannot be responsible for plants, my plate is full. Just saying!

Drop cloths, vintage Pyrex bowls, galvanized metal & cows are my thing. So, here’s a little peek at our base house “farmhouse”.

Where I shop: Hobby Lobby, Kirkland’s, Jaxn Blvd, Michaels or At Home. My Pyrex bowls have been gifted to me or I’ve been lucky enough to find some at thrift stores and antique shops!


2 thoughts on “A clean slate

  1. I am so glad your Mom shared your blog. I have always thought you had a gift for words. I read and enjoyed every entry! Looking forward to more.

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