Letters to me

Is this for real, right now?! I’ve thought about starting this for a long time. I’ve created countless blog entries and then deleted them; I didn’t want to get too personal and I didn’t want to let too many people in.

When you open yourself up you put yourself at risk for so many things; criticism, judgement, a differing of opinions etc. Not to mention the wave of emotions that come with those risks. But you know what else?! You open yourself up for love and encouragement, connections you didn’t know you needed and support. Vulnerability is a funny thing, isn’t it? It can be utterly terrifying but opening up your heart to it can lead to rewarding experiences.

This space will be where I can write letters to me & my family. Letters that I can come and get lost in when I need to soak up a little bit of happiness and self love. A place where I can document the adventures we’ve had (the messy and beautiful ones) and a place where I can be transparent.

Here it goes; this is me, this is us & this is our journey.


5 thoughts on “Letters to me

  1. you are an unbelievable talented person I find my family extremely lucky that you took that terrifying first step and blessed us to be not only a part of my sons life but our lives too thank you Nikki for accepting us also

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